organic Growth 



Growth Strategy & Planning

Our first objective is to get to know you, your business,

goals and your ideal customers.

We then collaborate to create characteristics of your ideal customer and come back with a customized strategy.

This strategy may consist of a pursuit of prospects for organic growth and/or a pursuit of companies for a strategic acquisition.


Review of Current Processes

We review your current marketing, BD and sales processes, end to end - making adjustments where needed.  Catapult BD gives you the Capacity, Capability, and Foundation to deliver.  This deep dive analysis is critical, so that we have documented proof of the strengths in your business and areas to improve upon.

Your Growth Blueprint is ready for scale.

Ideal Client


Who are they, why are they good, etc?  Create a suspect list, to turn it into a prospect list, and create game plan to connect, meet, and begin developing a relationship.  We will start with warm connections leveraging our vast networks.

Key questionS

  • What is your value proposition?

  • What is your secret sauce?

  • What is your past performance?

  • How are you different/better?

  • Grow organically or make acquisition?

Identify Ideal

Job, Project or


Create a plan of attack on how to get in front of influencers and decision makers.  

Prior to connecting to them, we create marketing campaigns that will highlight key strengths and qualities of why you are the right company for the job. 


From there, we provide support , track pipeline, and push to win the business!​​

You 're probably wondering, "How do y'all get paid?"


We have given this much thought and have designed a flexible model around your business's needs. 


Here it is:

  • Small monthly fee (a fraction of hiring an FTE)  and/or

  • Project based work (proposals) at an hourly rate,  and sometimes

  • Success fee upon winning business that is paid when you collect (usually proportionately over 6-12-24 months, but flexible around your needs).

We envision a long lasting relationship where we are

your strategic partners to accelerate your growth!