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Interested in Creating

Predictable Revenue?

Let's Win Multi-Year Contracts

Who are your Customers? 

Commercial or Government?

In the decades we have been working with

privately held businesses, we have seen how difficult

it is to expand... particularly into unfamiliar territory.

A lack of bandwidth can create a concentration of customer base, which can lead to serious turbulence for a business, the owner and the employees.

On the contrary, we have seen the companies that diversify... they grow, thrive and withstand various economic cycles.

  • Are you a Government Contractor in the Federal Space and want to expand into State and Local Government or Commercial?

  • Are you in Local and State and want to Expand to Federal?

  • Are you in Commercial Contracting and feel that transitioning to government work is too cumbersome?

  • Are you working in Government and looking to tap into commercial?  

Full life cycle support



  • Getting you your hunting licenses is important.

  • Acquiring  your State & Local Certification, Getting on GSA Schedule, 8a etc., can be challenging. 

  • It is not out core competency but we loop in our trusted partners to expedite. 



  • We can help align you with the right partners to fill the gaps.  

  • Assist with solution framework, teaming, price/cost strategy.




  • Let's set the revenue target.  Usually 10-30% of last year's revenues

  • Building out a realistic 9X Pipeline over 6-12-24 months.

  • Plan accordingly to allocate resources.



  • We ensure you have a proposal process in place (Shipley stamped) by our Certified Proposal Manger.

  • We can also have writers to support  technical writing.

  • The Manager ensures process, accuracy, compliance and timely delivery. 


We are your strategic partner that will:

Penetrate Market, Improve Processes, Increase Win Rates, and Keep Compliance!

What are you waiting for?


This is where CATAPULT BD can be your go-to resource!

Consider this

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