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Create a rising tide that elevates

Small & Medium Sized Businesses, 

cascading opportunity in our communities.



Coming from a family of entrepreneurs we understand the opportunity and pride that goes into carving one's own path.  

We want to be the strategic partner to make that grind a little easier.

what we know to be truE

We understand that small and medium sized businesses are the back bone of our economy:​

  • They make up over 99% of all U.S. Businesses 

  • Generated 65% of net NEW jobs since 2000

  • Employ 53% of all private sector employees

(Source: MD SBDC Website)

In knowing this, we are  poised to make a positive economic impact by working with Small and Medium sized businesses who are responsible for creating and preserving jobs. 

In the next two years, we have a $20 Million Impact Goal:

  • Generate over $10 Million in New Business for our clients

  • Increase values and/or extract wealth over $10 Million      


This gives some insight into why we think the way we do and the values that guide us. 


Meet our talented team whose individual expertise come together to form endless possibilities for your business. 

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