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Commercial & Government Contracting

What are you waiting for?



Isn't it time Diversify your client base?!

In the decades we have been working with Small  and Medium sized businesses, we have seen that it is difficult to have the bandwidth to expand, particularly into unfamiliar territory.  This lack of bandwidth has created concentration of customer base which can lead to serious turbulence for a business, the owner and their employees.

On the contrary, we also have seen the companies that diversify.  They grow, thrive and withstand various economic cycles.


This is where Catapult BD can be your go-to resource!

  • Are you a Government Contractor in the Federal Space and want to expand into State and Local Government or Commercial?

  • Are you in Local and State and want to Expand to Federal?

  • Are you in Commercial Contracting and feel that transitioning to government work is too cumbersome?


We help navigate all of this for you. Whether it is:

  • assistance in obtaining the appropriate set aside certification(s),

  • mining and finding the right opportunity,

  • leveraging our networks to find the right door to knock on,

  • putting together an airtight proposal, or

  • connecting directly with decision makers.

We are your strategic partners to create Access, Strengthen Your Tool Belt, Win the Business, and Ensure Compliance is met so contracts keep coming in!


BD Strategy & Implementation: design customized BD and Sales strategies specific to your industry, specific to your clients, that you add the most value to.

Process & Execution: create, implement and manage processes from your brand awareness, to opportunity creation, to the  follow up that helps you win more business.

Government Contracting BD & Proposal Support: we like predictable revenue, winning multi-year government contracts do that.  Our team brings decades of experience to help make sure your pursuits are on target and your response to an opportunity is your best effort,  thus increasing success rates.

Certified Exit Planning:  our deliverables (listed above) impact the areas that make a business most transferable, giving owners options to extract wealth from their most important asset... their business.

Target Lists:  we identify what your ideal customer looks like and create accurate  lists of influences and decision makers to begin value driven outreach.

Messaging & Marketing:  we integrate with your marketing function to identify what you do best.  Then, we extract your "special sauce" and use that messaging in our outreach with laser precision and quantifiable results.  This creates credibility with your audience.

Integrated BD Support:  we design a custom BD strategy and implement an outreach cadence (emails, calls, events etc.) that accelerates your client conversion cycle.

Coverage Team:  a dedicated team of professionals working with you at a fraction of an employee that bring specific and transferable expertise to your company.

Execution:  we do the heavy lifting!  Our coverage team executes the strategy, implements the process, makes the calls, sends emails, set the meetings...helping your company win more.

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